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The Wine Portfolio vineyards are concentrated in Hawke’s Bay on the east coast of the North Island, and Marlborough on the northern tip of the South Island.

Both of these regions are well recognised for their outstanding whites: Marlborough consistently producing the world’s most awarded Sauvignon Blanc, and Hawke’s Bay, known for its Chardonnays both of which have consistently featured at the London International Wine Challenge for the last decade. Pockets within both these regions are now producing equally outstanding reds, specially Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.

In recent times, the wine growing potential of these regions has come under ever closer scrutiny from the world’s most influential wine producers, with the result that most suitable wine growing land is now under the influence of overseas companies.



Hawke’s Bay Vineyards

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Situated on the east coast of the North Island, The Wine Portfolio’s vineyards in Hawke’s Bay are among the first vineyards in the world to greet the new day. Warm and dry, they enjoy high sunshine hours and are protected by ranges from New Zealand’s predominant westerly wind.

Near the coast, afternoon sea breezes create a cooler band, whereas inland, vineyard sites are warmer. Further inland, as altitude increases, vines experience a greater daily temperature range heating up and cooling more rapidly.

Overall, the range of temperatures, rainfall and soil types combine to create microclimates that have been proven ideal for many different styles of wine.

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Marlborough Vineyard


Situated on the northern tip of the South Island, The Wine Portfolio’s vineyard in Marlborough enjoy the highest number of sunshine hours in New Zealand.

Long, cool nights help support a slow ripening process which adds to the distinctive grape flavours in an area renowned for Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

The overall terroir, in terms of soil, temperature and rainfall provide unique growing conditions.

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