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Springtime in Marlborough at our Kuranui Vineyard

Springtime in Marlborough at our Kuranui Vineyard

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It’s Spring at our Kuranui Vineyard located in the Awatere Valley sub-region of Marlborough. The rolling hills of the valley and river terraces make up the rugged backdrop to our vineyard.

Our Vineyard Manager, Tom van der Burgh goes on to explain the grapevine’s phenology stages.

“The photos depict the early stages of the vine coming out of dormancy and into spring growth. Although taken on the same day it shows the variability in growth stages within the vineyard. The reason for this is the difference in vine clones. This is the beginning of a grapevine’s phenological growth cycle, the first stages after winter bud and pruning are woolly bud, bud break and leaf emergence.” – Tom van der Burgh, Vineyard Manager

Woolly Bud Stage – Pinot Gris
Bud Break Stage – Pinot Noir
Leaf Emergence Stage – Pinot Noir