Wine Portfolio

About Us

The grand rounded gables of The Wine Portfolio’s Leveret Estate Cellar Door are a distinctive feature of the lush green pastures of Katikati, New Zealand.  Since 1978 the estate has been a place where wine making is seen as an art, not just a business.

New Zealand’s temperate, maritime climate and rich, free-draining volcanic soils have brought new intense flavours and styles to the world wine market. With vineyards in prime locations in Hawke’s Bay and Marlborough, The Wine Portfolio combines the finest grapes with the best winemaking techniques, as well as passion from our dedicated winemakers. We have taken the boutique winery approach to winemaking by controlling the entire process – from grafting our own cuttings, developing our own vineyards and viticultural techniques, and investing in the best technology possible. Owning 503 planted hectares of vineyards, The Wine Portfolio has a secure supply of grapes that are grown specifically to match our wine styles.

Privately owned and independent, The Wine Portfolio is home to fifteen distinct brands including: Coniglio, The Regent of Tantallon, Riverview, Leveret Estate, Falconhead, IQ, Mimi, Mansfield and Marsh, Nikau Point, Twisted Vine, Mill Road, Southern Dawn, Penny Lane, Southern Cross and Cathedral Cove. Our team is committed to their craft, and new styles and flavours are always just around the corner.