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A local brand to the Bay of Plenty region, Mills Reef is a masterful range steeped in history and a family legacy. This range is renowned for being a leading producer of Bordeaux varietals and Syrah from the Gimblett Gravels, as well as outstanding Chardonnay. Mills Reef Wines joined The Wine Portfolio in 2020.

Founded by the Preston family, Mills Reef Winery’s inaugural vintage was in 1989, embracing a passion for quality Hawkes Bay wines crafted with great care and enthusiasm, in humble facilities located on the foothills of the Kaimai ranges on the outskirts of Tauranga.

The idea for the Mills Reef name was born of a desire for a brand that had unique and special meaning. The birth name of Patriarch Paddy Preston is Warren Mills Preston, with his second name being a reference to his great grandfather, Charles Mills. The Mills Reef name honours and references Charles Mills’ pioneering exploits, watching for reefs at sea, mining for reefs of gold, and leading the beachhead development of international trade during New Zealand’s formative years. At the same time also a fitting tribute to the Preston family, embracing this same pioneering spirit through its hand-crafted wines.

Through commitment and dedication to excellence, the Mills Reef brand has established itself as one of New Zealand’s premium wine brands with a particular reputation for outstanding Bordeaux varietal reds and Syrah. Mills Reef is one of New Zealand’s leading Gimblett Gravels and Hawkes Bay wine producers. Winning over 900 medals and 30 trophies in national and international
competitions, along with being twice recipient of the prestigious New Zealand Winemaker of the Year Award.

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New Zealand’s temperate, maritime climate and rich, free-draining volcanic soils have brought new intense flavours and styles to the world wine market. With vineyards in prime locations such as Hawke’s Bay and Marlborough.

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