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The Hawkes Bay Regent

Tantallon Castle was the seat of the Red Douglases who for over 300 years was one of the most commanding baronial families in Scotland. Tantallon was built by William Douglas, 1st Earl of Douglas, a statesman and soldier in the mid-14th century when at the height of his power.

Tantallon Castle figures prominently in a portrait of James Douglas, the 4th Earl of Douglas and Regent of Scotland from 1572 to 1578.

Our Regent of Tantallon is just as commanding as the Red Douglases. Born in 2009, it is slightly younger yet still displays all the characteristics fit to mingle with nobility.

A masterful Bordeaux-style blend that portrays all the traits of a great leader – courage and softness (Merlot), combined with powerful forward leadership (Cabernet Sauvignon).

If required, The Regent of Tantallon may be called upon now, although it will continue to rule confidently for a further eight to ten years.